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AVL/IVMS Services

  1. Fleet Management System International LLC
  2. Silk Routes Int. Co. L.L.C
  3. Infinity Thoughts L.L.C
  4. Mozaic Technology
  5. Bahwan Cybertek L.L.C
  6. Majees Technical Services Co. L.L.C
  7. Global Security Technology L.L.C
  8. White Light Services & Trading L.L.C
  9. Ibn Al-Ghafri Modern Projects
  10. Rukn AL Yaqeen International (RAY) L.L.C
  11. Global Enterprise Fleet Management Systems & Technologies L.L.C
  12. Modern Technology Compnay L.L.C
  13. Expert Software (middle east) L.L.C
  14. Al Gashiba united trad and cont. co
  15. Future Business Solutions L.L.C
  16. North Ocean Enterprises
  17. Seven Seas Infotech LLC
  18. Advanced Business Solutions L.L.C
  19. Sciflair L.L.C
  20. Sky United Logistics
  21. Consolidated Contractors Company L.L.C
  22. Tayyar Trading
  23. Ayun For Engineering Solutions
  24. Knowledge Automation Services L.L.C
  25. Sulaiman Abdullah Hagi Trading
  26. Muscat Smart Technology L.L.C
  27. Handson Muscat L.L.C
  28. Dubai Technologies (Oman Branch)
  29. Al Hilwl Al Bdylt Ltqnyat Al M'lwmat
  30. Azyan Telecommunications L.L.C
  31. Location Solutions L.L.C
  32. Prime Business Solutions LLC
  33. Punj Lloyd Ltd.
  34. Ozone Global Technologies LLC
  35. Business & Digital Technology Center L.L.C
  36. Cave Investment L.L.C
  37. Abacus Business Solutions LLC
  38. Al Halool Technical Services LLC
  39. Tawasol Technologies

List of Authorized Companies for Passive Infrastructure

  1. Oman Electricity Transmission Company S.A.O.C
  2. Oman Tower Company L.L.C
  3. Oman Airports Management Company S.A.O.C

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