Outgoing and visiting delegations

Licensing Frameworks

In the continuing spirit of regional cooperation and collaboration, delegations from TRA conducted visits to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as well as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in order to exchange and benefit from experiences relating to licensing frameworks.


The TRA also received incoming delegations from the Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology of Yemen, as well as the Arab Regional Representative of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The GCC Initiative on International Roaming Tariffs

Realizing the importance of making international roaming affordable to citizens and residents, the GCC Secretariat in cooperation with national regulators developed and enforced price caps for international roaming voice calls made while travelling across the six GCC countries. For Omani users the caps represented reductions that reached up to 78% of rates that were prevailing before the 2010.

The GCC is the second economic block in the world which regulates international roaming after the European Union. Considering the active role that the TRA Oman had played in implementing the initiative, the TRA Oman was invited to present the GCC experience at the International Mobile Roaming Symposium at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Headquarters in Geneva in March 2012.

Further in view of the increasing importance of the data services, the GCC Secretariat has recently started working to develop a similar regulation for data roaming services.

FM Coordination Meetings

TRA has completed the coordination processes with all GCC Administrations including Yemen for 137 broadcasting FM channels.

Oman – UAE Bilateral Coordination Meeting

To avoid spillover coverage and frequency interference of GSM and 3G networks between the Sultanate and UAE borders, the Bilateral Coordination Meetings continue to be held between the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this regard, a Bilateral Coordination Meeting was held in UAE (Abu Dhabi) during the time period 18 – 19 July 2012 to discuss and agree on a mechanism related to the movement and usage of communication tools and equipment through the common border of the two countries.