What is a Class I licence?

A Class I licence is issued by way of Royal Decree on the recommendation of the Minister of Telecommunications after TRA approval.

Class I licensees are permitted to establish or operate a public telecommunications network or international telecommunications infrastructure, offer public telecommunications services or international access services.

The Royal Decree shall determine the duration of the licence and will detail the terms and conditions that the licensee operates under.

The TRA may limit the numbers of telecommunications or radio licences issued for a specific class of telecommunications systems or services. This is in order to:

  1. Ensure the efficient management and use of frequency spectrum.
  2. Effectively manage the timings and use of telecommunications numbers as per the Numbering Plan.

In the case of a limit on the availability of telecommunications licences, the Authority may invite bids for licences, offered after consultation with the concerned parties and in line with the set rules and procedures. These rules and procedures shall be published at least one month prior the date of submission of bids.

Current Class I licensees

There are six current operators of Class I Licences.

2004: Omantel (Fixed): the Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) was awarded the first basic public fixed telecommunication network services licence as well as the first basic public mobile telecommunications services licence.  click here to veiw

2004: Omantel's Mobile License(Renewed in 2019)  click here to veiw

2005: 2005: Ooredoo (Mobile): The second basic public mobile telecommunications services were awarded to the Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Ooredoo).  click here to veiw

2009: Ooredoo (Fixed): The Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Ooredoo) was awarded a Class I licence for the installation and operation of a public fixed telecommunications services system.  click here to veiw

2011: Sama Telecommunications (Telecom Oman) (International Gateway):Sama Telecommunications (Telecom Oman) was awarded Class I licence to establish and operate international public telecommunications system.  click here to veiw

2012: Awaser Oman & Co. (Fixed)  click here to veiw

2013: Madakhil Investment (Maritime)  click here to veiw

2013: Connect Arabia International: Connect Arabia International was awarded Class I license to establish and operate System for provision of international public telecommunications Services   click here to veiw

2019: Oman Broadband Company: Oman Broadband Company was awarded Class I license to establish, operate and maintain of Broadband Infrastructure and provision of Broadband Services.  click here to veiw