Class III licences are granted to operators of Private Telecommunications Services, not connected to the public network.

These licences are issued through a decision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to provide private network owners or service providers who meet the qualifying criteria set by the Authority unlimited entry to the market. The licence duration will not exceed five years.

Current Class III licensees

  • 2010 Azyan Telecom (VSAT Private Networks)
  • 2011 Rignet Middle East (VSAT Private Networks)
  • 2014 Mahd Telecom LLC (Orbcomm Services for Vehicles Management System)
  • 2017: Mahd Satellite Services (VSAT Private Networks)
  • 2019: Dunes Middle East Trading & Contracting(VSAT Private Networks
  • 2020: Smart Mobility Solutions L.L.C( Private Networks
  • General Rules and conditions of Class III Licence

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