Almost everyone is a traget of a scam at some time. Some scame are easy to spot while others can happen without you even knowing it. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) would like to draw the attention of the public to the prevalence of spam & fraudulent messages, intended to:

  • Convince subscribers that they have won lottery prizes, huge amounts of cash or cars.
  • Lure beneficiaries to respond to claim fake prize money and to provide personal information.
  • Commit fraud by requesting beneficiaries to send money to allow them to participate in a promotional offer.

Be aware and rememeber... DON'T TRY... DON'T BUY... DON'T REPLY

  • Don't try to interact, or respond to the spam sender by any means.
  • Don't buy any product that has been promoted through spam messages, especially if the sender is unkown.
  • Don't reply to any correspondence relating to lottery, offers and competitions whether received by e-mail or mobile. Do not provide any personal informaion or bank details.