The advancement in technology has, without a doubt, given positive boons to the public worldwide. In terms of accessibility to information, useful applications that makes everyday life easier to software that many businesses depend entirely upon are all available with the purchase of a single smartphone.

Countless numbers of telecommunication equipment have been seen in the international market over the years and given the popularity of the equipment, there are many imitation devices. Despite the obvious benefit of counterfeit devices being cheaper, fake devices will not operate sufficiently to your satisfaction, more often than not breaking down with only limited use, damaging the telecom sector in general and can cause serious health issues towards the user.

The TRA has strict rules and regulations in approving telecommunication devices with the best interest in public’s safety, as well as doing its part in upholding the duty as a government organization in the fight against technological piracy and maintaining the quality of the telecom sector as a whole in the Sultanate.



It is important to only purchase devices that are approved by the TRA as it ensures that the approved devices are original and compatible with safety requirements for both the consumer and the device itself, cutting the risks associated with using fake devices which are as follows;

  1. Harm to the public or people working in public telecom networks
  2. Electromagnetic disorders
  3. Higher chances of receiving electromagnetic disorders
  4. Inefficient usage of frequency spectrum
  5. Interference with public telecom networks

Consumers can differentiate between type-approved and non-type approved devices by ensuring that the device carries TRA authorization sign. Consumers can also visit TRA website and search for the list of approved devices.

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