The national awareness campaign to combat online fraud (Don’t Be Deceived) was launched yesterday with participation from a number of government and private entities. The campaign kicked off with a press conference that was attended by media figures and social media influencers.

The campaign’s idea aims at curtailing the phenomenon of online fraud that has been taking numerous patterns with the rapid development in technology and telecommunications means. Scammers try to lure victims with false promises of large cash prizes and try to drag them into claiming fake cash prizes after submission of their personal information. Some people also fall victims for phishing when they are tempted to send money to benefit from promotional offers.

The campaign calls for all citizens and residents to be cautious and abstain from sending any personal information or bank account details so that they do not fall prey to scam calls or messages that could be used against them to obtain illegal profits.

It is worth mentioning that (Don’t Be Deceived) campaign was initiated with participation from a number of government and private entities like Royal Oman Police, TRA, Public Prosecution, Central Bank of Oman, Public Authority for Radio and TV, Ooreedo and Omantel under the sponsorship of Ooreedo and Oman Banks Association.