The TRA issued Access and Interconnection Regulation in April 2016 via Decision no. (25/2016). In accordance with the said Regulation, the Dominant operators (Omantel and Ooredoo Oman) submitted their Reference Access and Interconnection Offers (RAIOs) for TRA approval. The TRA conducted extensive consultation with the industry on the proposed RAIOs and issued two Decisions (67/2017 and 68/2017) containing detailed directions for amendment of the terms and conditions of the RAIOs of the two dominant operators. These Decisions can be viewed at, and These Decisions required the Dominant operators to make specific amendments in their RAIOs within 30 days.

During the 30 days granted to Omantel to amend its second Draft RAIO, Omantel filed a Review Request dated 29 January 2018 regarding TRA’s decision no. (68/2017), in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.

In accordance with the applicable legal frameworks, the TRA has admitted the review request of Omantel for further examination and issued a preliminary decision in this respect on 27 February 2018. The preliminary decision includes suspension of the implementation of TRA’s decision no. (68/2017) until the issuance of the final decision on Omantel’s Review Request, which will be issued after completion of consultations with the relevant licensees regarding the issues and reasons stated in Omantel’s Review Request.

To this end, TRA urges all licensees to accord high importance to this issue, and provide their views during the consultations process, in light of the significance of the RAIO decision for the Industry.

It is pertinent to mention that Ooredoo Oman has submitted its Final RAIO after making required amendments as directed by TRA under its Decision 67/2017, which is under review to ensure compliance with all required amendments.

This publication is in line with the principle of transparency adopted by the TRA in dealing with important regulatory matters that affect the interests of various parties.