TRA aims to have the right regulatory environment to enable the provision of world-class services to all, by 2018.

We are the national authority to regulate the telecommunications and postal services sectors by translating government policies into regulations, rules and guidelines and ensuring their enforcement and compliance to enable competitive and sustainable supply of services in order to facilitate access and safeguard the interest of users with respect to price and quality.

TRA exists to keep Oman online, on air and on call. We:

  • Ensure the provision of telecommunications services at a reasonable price across the Sultanate.
  • Promote the use of telecommunications services aiming to facilitate access to global markets and information.
  • Use telecommunications to encourage tangible and non-tangible exports.
  • Ensure the optimal use of the frequency spectrum.
  • Safeguard the interests of customers and suppliers in terms of price, equipment rates, quality and efficiency, within the telecommunications sector.
  • Encourage commercial activity in relation to telecommunications services and equipment, by providing suitable conditions that enable new licensees to compete in order to establish an effective competitive environment.
  • Develop the economic competence in the performance of licensees engaged in the commercial activities related to the sector.
  • Ensure suitable conditions for competition among the licensees, to ensure the provision of world class telecommunications services at a reasonable cost, and to take necessary action to enable service providers to compete abroad.
  • Encourage research and development in the telecommunications sector.