Inspection and Monitoring

One of TRA’s many arms is responsible for inspecting and monitoring the spectrum to ensure the best utilisation of frequencies so that no harmful interference exists. Furthermore, TRA carries out regular inspections at different areas of the Sultanate for spectrum users and radio equipment to ensure that they are in compliance with technical specifications to be licenced.

The inspections include spectrum users in terrestrial services as well as inspections of nautical crafts. As part-process of issuing new radio licenses, surveys were carried out. In addition to these inspections, Microwave (MW) links inspections were also done.The following tables present the related statistics of the aforementioned inspections and surveys:




The details of Spectrum monitoring, carried out in various areas of the Sultanate, are as follows:


Step by step procedures

Many foolproof processes are taken by the TRA to ensure only the best results for the residents of the Sultanate. However, in brief, the department undertakes the following:

  • Study the efficiency of frequency usage in different bands and locations to assist frequency planning locally, and with neighbouring countries.
  • Verify applicants' planned locations of radio equipment before installation.
  • Control the application of authorised equipment, ensuring this is conforming to licensing conditions.
  • Carry out pre-licence and post-licence conformity inspections.
  • Survey and inspect radio communication systems.
  • Ensure equipment and stations compliance with national rules and regulations.
  • Control and monitor the frequency spectrum.
  • Verify the compatibility and the interference-free use of authorised emissions, detecting and identifying the origin of the interferences and to resolve them.
  • Detect and identify unauthorised transmissions.
  • Determine channel and band usage, including the assessment of channel availability.

Should there be an interference issue with a frequency, there is a set standard procedure that the department follows:

  1. Licensees must submit an interference complaint along with the harmful interference report form (available on the TRA e-Services portal).
  2. (Provide link to it if possible?)
  3. TRA will review the submitted complaint and take necessary action.
  4. TRA will report back to the licensee who complained on the results of the monitoring and the subsequent action taken.