Below are some of the events related to Licenses in 2012:

  • A Class I license, which gives the right to establish and operate systems able to provide fixed telecommunication services for the public in Muscat, was awarded to Awaser Oman & Co as per the Royal Decree 60/2012.
  • A public consultation was initiated in December which was preceded by a stakeholder workshop. It was held to review the existing licensing framework in order to bring it in line with the Sultanate’s policies, technological and regulatory developments and market needs. The services of an expert consultancy firm were engaged to review the regulations and framework.
  • Some telecom services were exempted from the licensing rules as per article 21 of the Telecom Act through Decision 116/2012.
  • 67 Authorizations for internet cafes were issued by the TRA while 43 others are renewed.
  • 13 new authorizations are issued to set up private networks which are used to link from one location to another belonging to the same entity (e.g. corporation) for internal communication and it is not authorized to be connected to the public network.