In 2012, most of the TRA’s effort was devoted to increase the sphere of network coverage to unserved and underserved areas. New and updated regulations were applied to mobile and fixed telecommunication service providers to ensure existing and future services quality are up to standard.

An initiative to provide telecom services to 250 villages in rural areas in cooperation with two major telecom providers, Omantel and Nawras, was made in the beginning of 2012. Both operators cooperated and agreed to this joint venture by accepting their share, divided equally, of building a total of 120 mobile infrastructure sites by the end of 2013. Upon completion, the project is expected to cover more than 150 villages in remote rural areas while the remaining 100, the ultimate goal of the joint initiative, will be completed near the future. The areas that were selected for telecommunication development were surveyed and consulted with governorates to ensure the quality of the network coverage are on par with rest of the sultanate.

The initiative, by directly decreasing the divide between rural and urban areas, will provide increased network coverage, provide basic telecommunication needs thus ultimately aid the social and economic development efforts the government.

The TRA is and will continue on its journey to provide at the minimum, basic telecommunication services to all reaches of the sultanate, as part of the national initiative to transform Oman into a sustainable knowledge society.

Telecom providers network coverage

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