In 2012 the TRA completed a regional country-wide field survey to identify the number of un-served and under-served villages and towns that lack telecommunication services across the nine regions in Oman; around 2,577 villages and towns. The feedback from the survey was inputted into a main database compiled with the 2010 Census Data along with the operators’ coverage reports, and later extrapolated and analyzed. The below table provides a summary of the survey:

% from Total No of villages/towns Description
100% 5,143 Overall No. of Villages listed in Census 2010
50.10% 2,577 Total No. of Villages Surveyed
65.81% 3,385 Overall No. of Villages already covered by telecom services
23.08% 1,187
• Already covered with Fixed Service
64.28% 3,306
•Already covered with 2G Mobile Service
8.43% 434
•Already covered with 3G Mobile Service
27.74% 1,431
•Already proposed/planned under Nawras WiMax Rollout
0.17% 9
•Already covered by Omantel LTE (4G)
34.20% 1,759 Overall No. of Un-served Villages including villages with zero population
18.06% 929
•Total No. of un served Villages only with zero population or Housing Units
16.13% 830
•Net Total of Un-served villages


This survey will be utilized in formulating policy and plans to provide telecommunications services across the country in the most befitting manner.