Interconnection Services

Article (1.13) in the telecom act defines Interconnection as: Technical, regulatory and financial criteria that permit the connection of two or more public telecommunications networks within the Sultanate to transport the telecommunications traffic from one network to be terminated in another telecommunication network, and that permit beneficiaries to communicate freely among themselves whatever the network they are connected to or belong to or the services they are using.


Article (1.12 Repeated 3) in the telecom act defines Access Services as: “Access of a licensee to other licensed networks with the intention of being able to provide telecommunication services including the connection of telecommunication equipment using wire line or radio means and access to any infrastructure including buildings, towers and ducts for wireline and cables.”


Article (1.12 Repeated 4) in the telecom act defines Resale Services as: Telecommunication services purchased by service provider from the public telecommunications licensee and made available to another beneficiary besides other additional services that may be provided.