Revision of national spectrum allocation and assignment plan

The national frequency allocation and assignment plan was revised by the TRA in order to reevaluate the decisions following the World Radio Communication Conference 2012 (WRC-12). The allocation section of the plan provides the general machinations and basic infrastructure for effective spectrum usage and the prevention of interference by radio frequency between radio communication services.

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Spectrum Refarming

The TRA took the initiative in refarming the 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands considering the economic pressures mobile operators face and therefore also the need for finding fresh additional network capacity. The TRA also authorized Omantel and Nawras the usage of above mentioned spectrum bands for the provision of LTE and 3G services.

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Migration Plan

The TRA played a critical role in the implementation of government policy in the telecom sector, allocating RO 50 million to execute radio frequency spectrum migration plan which has been approved by the Council of Ministers. The current licensed companies are suffering from market crowding due to the lack of enough frequencies. The radio frequency spectrum migration plan is aimed at producing solutions for the companies and facilitating future expansions of communication services.

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