• Fixed Voice: The prices for fixed voice services in Oman are comparable to the prices in other GCC countries, and also the other selected countries.
  • Fixed Broadband: The prices of fixed broadband services in Oman are among the highest in the countries covered by the study across all usage baskets except for medium speed.
  • For mobile voice services: The pre-paid prices from network operators in Oman are well above the GCC price average. For post-paid and business services the prices in Oman are at the higher end of the scale among the countries covered.
  • Mobile Broadband: Prices for mobile broadband services in Oman are either below or comparable with other GCC countries for pre-paid services at low usage levels, but among the highest for post-paid and higher usage levels.
  • For International calls: Oman’s position is good in comparison to other studied countries for international calls from fixed line as well as from mobile. International calls from fixed line are even cheaper than calling from a mobile number to most of the countries.

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