Comments on comments phase on the responses provided by stakeholders on the “Analysis and Recommendations for Market Definitions, Dominance and related Regulations” report

The main objective of liberalization is to promote competition which is believed to deliver better services in terms of price and quality. In order to maintain an effectively competitive environment and to provide necessary safeguard from the abuse of dominance the TRA has devised Competition Framework for Telecom sector of Oman based on Ex-ante and Ex-post Regulations and Guidelines. The TRA has recently issued The Ex-ante Regulation (The Regulation of Dominance) and the Market Definition and Dominance Guidelines after carrying out extensive public consultation process.

As a next step towards finalizing the framework process, The TRA has carried out first “Market Analysis”. This analysis comprises of market definition, dominance determination, and proposing suitable remedies to avoid risk of harm of dominance.  The Authority has conducted a public consultation on preliminary analysis and recommendations on the TRA website and received comments from three major stakeholders:

  • Oman Telecommunications Company - Omantel
  • Omantel's response to the competition framework public consultation

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  • Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company – Nawras
  • Nawras's response to the competition framework public consultation

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  • Connect Arabia L.L.C - Friendi
  • Friendi's response to the competition framework public consultation

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In view of persevering conditionality, the respondents have provided summarized versions of their comments for the purposes of publication

The TRA is now providing an opportunity to the above mentioned three stakeholders who have provided their comments on the report to make any further comments on comments and provide further evidence in relation to matters or arguments raised by other submissions.

The submissions at this stage should be limited to:

  • Correcting facts put by other respondents and putting your view points on factual matters
  • Putting forward your views of any arguments raised or conclusions drawn
  • Correcting your own factual evidence if they discover that what they said in their main submissions was wrong

It is noted that the comments on comments stage is optional. Comments if any must be submitted by Tuesday 4th of December 2012 to one or both of the following addresses:

E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delivery (hard and soft copy) by hand or by courier to
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Oman Oil Building
– 2nd Floor Qurum
– Muscat – Sultanate of Oman,
P.O Box 579, PC 112, Ruwi.

TRA shall give due consideration to all comments and contributions received from the interested parties; however, incorporation of any proposed changes will be the sole discretion of the Authority.