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Guideline are instructions which are issued by the Authority on an adhoc basis, directed at the operators of Class I, Class II and Class III licenses. They are issued on the TRA website, and contain guidelines on the procedural and technical aspects of regulated services.

TRA's Directive regarding Wholesale and Retail caps of IMR across the GCC
TRA's Position Statement on Tariff Transparency Guidelines
Billing Accuracy Guidelines
Site Sharing
Omantel Tariff Re-balancing Proposal
Guidelines for Operators in Forming the Telecommunication Emergency Plan
International Roaming Framework for GCC Countries
Access Deficit Contribution Guidelines
Guidebook of Royalty Calculation and Payment
National IPv6 Transition Plan Implementation Guidelines
Decision No. 89/2021 issue guidelines for the rules of the Regulatory Sandbox for Telecommunications
Handset Specifications to Enable Cell Broadcast for Warning System

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