H.E. Engineer: Omar Hamdan Al-Ismaili

Executive President of TRA
TRA continues its ambitious stride to achieve its strategic objectives that are derived from Oman Vision 2040 towards its corporate vision ‘Enhanced Environment for a Digital Society’. As the year 2022 witnessed a number of achievements, among which is setting a regulatory framework to organize the process of tower construction and tower sharing. The regulation, aims at achieving cost efficiency, speeding up the implementation of service expansion as well as the observance of environmental considerations. Also, the year 2022 witnessed the issuance of two Class I licenses to Oman Technology Infrastructure Company and Oman Tower Company.

To safeguard the rights and interests of telecommunications services beneficiaries, and define service providers’ obligations, a regulation was issued covering the aspects of billing, international roaming, commercial and advertising SMS, protection of privacy, data confidentiality and child protection

To ensure high quality standards, TRA issued the Quality of Telecommunications Services Regulation, and in its quest to provide more employment opportunities to the national cadres, the Authority issued the Regulation Organizing the Execution of Services in the Telecommunications Field which sets measures for the work of companies and the freelance individuals operating in specific fields.

In line with its long standing practice, TRA published 4 public consultation documents in 2022 to engage the beneficiaries and the relevant parties and benefit from their views to maintain a resilient and up-to-date regulatory environment. During the year 2022, the telecom sector continued the deployment of broadband networks all over the country, where the number of the 5G stations reached 2,600 and the number of buildings covered by the fiber optic network reached 658,471 buildings. Moreover, 94% of government schools were covered with fast internet compared to 74% in the year 2021.