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Consumer Complaints

Submit your written complaint to the service provider through email or fax or visit one of the customer service centers. Communicate your problem to the customer service agent and put forward your request. Then wait for an answer from the service provider.
Keep a copy of the complaint that clearly shows the date the operator has received the complaint
In case you followed the above steps and nothing has been done to solve the complaint within 15 days or if the solution is not satisfactory to you, forward your complaint to us through any of the means shown below. Note TRA cannot accept any complaint after 45 days of its submission whether you received a reply from your operator or not.
When you submit your complaint to TRA, please:
Complete the Telecommunication Complaint Form in the TRA website.
Attach with the form a copy of the correspondence with the service provider.
Attach a copy of your ID as evidence that you are the subscriber for the service in question.
What will happen then? TRA will give you a receipt for receiving the complaint and a reference number. TRA will investigate the matter with the service provider, and may also require additional information from you.

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