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The TRA is also the chosen organization to monitor and maintain Oman’s Postal Service sector in accordance with the Postal Service Regulatory Law and Executive Regulations. The Postal Regulatory Laws cover everything within its legal range from Postal articles such, Letters, Publications parcels, express mail services and much more.
The TRA is responsible for:
  • Advising the Ministry of Transport and Communications on forming a general policy.
  • Implementation of the approved general policy.• Regulating the provision of postal services in the Sultanate in accordance with Postal Service Regulatory law.
  • Oversee and monitor the postal services providers to ensure the provision of licensed services of appropriate quality at approved tariff.
  • Receive complaints from beneficiaries and decide on with final administrative decisions.
  • Issue final administrative decisions upon matters in which a dispute arises between service providers.
  • Prepare an annual report on the activities of the sector after coordinating with the Ministry of Transport and Communications and submitting the report to the Council of Ministers for approval.
It should be noted that the TRA holds the authority to review the final administrative decisions it has issued in application of the provisions of the Postal Regulatory Act if an appeal is made to the Authority by any of the concerned parties. Submitting an appeal and making a determination for resolving it shall be according to the procedures set forth in the Regulation, taking into account the deadlines laid down in the Administrative Judiciary Court Law.

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