Planning & Strategy 

The Department of Frequency Planning & Strategy is responsible for frequency planning and regulation for the use of spectrum within the Sultanate in order to ensure efficient use of spectrum. The following are some of the duties undertaken by this department;
  • Develop and update the National Spectrum Allocation Plan in accordance with International Regulations (ITU) governing radio spectrum and various international or regional agreements concluded or accepted by Oman.
  • Issue the necessary regulation to regulate the use of radio frequencies within the country in order to insure an efficient use of RF spectrum.
  • Prepare Frequency arrangements for different terrestrial services (broadcasting, fixed, mobile, etc.).
  • Prepare and update the national plan for broadcasting service.
  • Conduct studies of spectrum use and needs for current & future radio communications services.
  • Prepare public consultations, spectrum valuation and auctions concerning the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT).
  • Conduct studies for introduction of new technologies and applications.
  • Insure national, regional, and international coordination of terrestrial services.
  • Represent the administration of Oman in national, international and ITU-R meetings and conferences with regard to frequency and coordination aspects in order to safeguard Oman’s interest.
  • Provision of appropriate solutions in case of radio-interferences.
  • Issue the necessary Authorization Notes of frequency assignments for military users as appropriate.
  • Revision and analysis of the Bureau’s International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) for terrestrial radio communication services to protect the country’s radio communication systems from interference.
  • Preparation for the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRCs) including the preparatory activities within the Arab Region (ASMG) and GCC.
  • Develop and update the technical annexes of The Regulation Organizing the Registration and Utilization of Frequencies and Radio Equipment and Their Pricing