Monitoring & Inspection 

The Department of Frequency Monitoring & Inspection is responsible for carrying out the monitoring work to ensure the best utilization of frequencies and that no harmful interference exists. Furthermore, the department carries out the regular inspection for spectrum users and the survey of radio equipments to be licensed. In brief, this department undertakes the following;
  • Control the authorized equipment for proper application in conformity with the licensing conditions.
  • Survey and inspect radio communication systems.
  • Ensure compliance of equipment and stations with the national rules and regulations.
  • Control the frequency spectrum, in relation to enforcement and monitoring aspects.
  • Ensure compliance with national conditions of licenses.
  • Verify the compatibility and the interference free use of authorized emissions, to detect and identify the origin of interference and to resolve them.
  • Detect and identify unauthorized transmissions
  • Determine channel and band usage, including assessment of channel availability.
  • Detect and identify unauthorized transmissions

Harmful Interference Procedures

In case a licensee experience a harmful interference on licensed station, the following procedure shall be followed:
  • Licensee is required to get the Harmful Interference Form (available on the TRA e-service portal) provided that affected station is not unlicensed station or station that is licensed under non-protection and non-interference basis.
  • The form has to be filled with all necessary technical information in addition to the contact of concerned staff aware about the interference.
  • Licensee can attach with the Harmful Interference Form any helpful documents that show further information about area affected, and any field measurement done earlier by licensee.
  • The Harmful Interference form will be received by TRA through TRA e-service portal. Other documents like field measurements details, pictures and presentation about the interference behavior on the affected frequency band can be sent to TRA via email ( ) as well.
  • The received filled form will be checked by TRA to check on the provided technical details and applicability of complain.
  • Department shall carry out the necessary field measurements and licensee will be contacted for any additional required information, or adjustment needed during the check and field measurement.
  • Upon completion of field measurements, licensee will be updated about the result.

Harmful Interference Report

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