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Type Approval FAQs

  • Go To Our Website www.tra.gov.om
  • Click On Type Approval Portal.
  • Click On Sign Up.
  • Choose The Type of applicant: Individuals / Companies.
  • Fill in the Application Information and Attach the Required Documents.
  • You will receive an Email informing you that your Application Has Been Received and Approved.
  • Go To Our Website www.tra.gov.om
  • Click On Type Approval Portal.
  • Click On Sign in.
  • Choose The Right Type of Application.
  • Fill In the Application Information and Attach the Required Documents.
  • Pay Fees Via the Electronic Payment Gateway or Attach a Payment Receipt.
  • Receive an Email Confirming the Request.
Fill Out the Application Information
Provide the Following Documents:
  • Declaration Of Conformity (DOC)
  • Radio frequency Test Report (RF)
  • EMC Test Report
  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
  • Safety Test Report
  • Short Range and Wireless Access Devices: 50 OMR.
  • All Other Devices: 100 OMR.
Any company or establishment that imports telecommunications equipment into the Sultanate with the intention of trading. Import Permit Fee Depends on The Company Category. It is as follows:

Company / Institution Category Fees In Omani Riyals
Intentional 800
Excellent 600
First 500
Second 400
Third 300
Fourth 100
  • A notice from the Authority to the competent authorities to release the telecom devices that are imported from abroad.
  • In the event that the company or person is not registered as an importer, the application must be submitted as a request for release from customs for personal use.
  • If the devices are not imported for the purpose of sale, then a 15 Omani riyals fee will be added to this request.
It is prohibited to deal in telecommunications equipment of any kind, except after approval a type approval by the TRA, and the following devices are excluded from the condition of quality approval:
  • Non sending receivers such as (GPS).
  • Echo Sounder.
  • The servers used to store data without dealing in telecom data packets or frequencies.
  • Microwave Ovens and infrared short range remote controls.
  • Accessories of telecom devices which are capable of transmission.
  • Imported telecom devices intended for re-export.
The certification labels should be placed on the outside of the telecommunications equipment package and in any device documentation (such as a user's manual). Labels can also be placed on the device itself in a way that is visible to the consumer.
All importers of communication devices for commercial purposes and for personal use in the event that the device is not Approved.
  • Type approval requests take a period of 1-5 working days.
  • Customs release requests take a period of 1-3 working days.
*In The Event that the Application Meets All the Conditions, And All the Required Documents are Provided.
1) Safety and non-interference:
  • Ensuring the safety of users.
  • Ensure that electromagnetic interference is limited to the lowest possible level.
  • Ensure that the frequency spectrum is used with the accordance to the approved spectrum plan.
2) Quality and performance:
  • Promoting the appropriate quality, variety in cost of the devices available to users, while striving to reduce the problems that users and service providers may encounter as a result of selling devices incompatible with the networks in the Sultanate.
  • Providing clear instructions to users so that they can make clear decision when purchasing. Advice the public to avoid purchasing devices that are incompatible with their needs, and that may not work well with the network.
  • Provide clear guidelines to retailers to avoid selling incompatible devices.
3) Other goals:
  • Facilitating the work of customs officials to determine what is permitted or prohibited to import.
  • Providing an efficient system to deal with the problems caused by incompatible devices
  • Provide a system that is flexible to the unexpected situations.
There is an electronic link between the TRA and the General Administration of Customs in Royal Oman Police (Bayan System) after the release request has been approved by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. The application number must only be used and entered in the Bayan system. (RC ……).
Yes, you can contact the department's e-mail at (ta@tra.gov.om)

Guiding Documents

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