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Telecom Service Licenses

Under the Telecoms Act (Article 20) it is mandatory for all persons or companies who wish to establish or operate a telecommunications system, or provide telecommunications services, to obtain a license from the TRA in advance of starting operations.

The TRA has undertaken a project to review the regulations and framework to ensure they stay in line with the Sultanate’s policies, technological and regulatory developments and market needs. A public consultation was initiated in December 2012 preceded by a stakeholder workshop. The new licensing framework is expected to be finalised after processes of consultation.

Types of Licenses

Before submitting a license application to the TRA, it is advised that the concerned party contacts TRA first to discuss their service proposition. The licensing framework divides the licenses into three classes: Class I, II, and III. These different classifications denote the variations on nature of operations and the network setup.

Class I

A Class I licence is issued by way of Royal Decree on the recommendation of the Minister of Telecommunications after TRA approval. Class I licensees are permitted to establish or operate a public telecommunications network or international telecommunications infrastructure, offer public telecommunications services or international access services. The Royal Decree shall determine the duration of the licence and will detail the terms and conditions that the licensee operates under.

The TRA may limit the numbers of telecommunications or radio licences issued for a specific class of telecommunications systems or services. This is in order to:
  1. Ensure the efficient management and use of frequency spectrum.
  2. Effectively manage the timings and use of telecommunications numbers as per the Numbering Plan.

In the case of a limit on the availability of telecommunications licences, the Authority may invite bids for licences, offered after consultation with the concerned parties and in line with the set rules and procedures. These rules and procedures shall be published at least one month prior the date of submission of bids.

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Telecom Licenses Application Guidelines

Application Form

Regulation on organizing the renewal class I

Business Plan

Class II

A Class II licence is issued to those operators providing public telecommunications services which rely upon a Class I licence network capacity.
The Class II licensees may also provide additional, or value added, public telecommunications services which make use of numbering resources.
The Class II licence is issued by a Ministerial decision from the Minister of Telecommunications based on an approved proposal from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The decision determines the duration of the licence, which should not exceed 10 years.

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General Rules and conditions of Class II Licence

Telecom Licenses Application Guidelines

Application Form

Annexes for licensed services

Class III

These licences are issued through a decision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to provide private network owners or service providers who meet the qualifying criteria set by the Authority unlimited entry to the market. The licence duration will not exceed five years.

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General Rules and conditions of Class III Licence

Telecom Licence Application and Guidelines

Application Form


Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) / In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) services may only be provided after receiving the necessary authorizations and approvals. Provision and use of this service without these authorizations and approvals is considered a violation of the Telecom Act and its Amendments.

Must obtain the necessary authorizations and approvals to provide these services. Failure to do so will result in punitive action by the TRA. Kindly ensure that the following is obtained from TRA:

Decision no 80/2013 issue regulation for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) services

Consumers of (AVL) & (IVMS) :
Are advised to confirm that the vendors who provide them with these services have the necessary TRA authorizations and approvals before contracting them for such services, as doing otherwise may result in financial losses for the consumers.

Application Form for Authorization to Provide Automated System for Vehicles Management Service

Authorization of AVL/IVMS Services

The service of managing , monitoring or locating vehicles or other mobile bodies like containers or equipment using Geographical positioning systems (GPS) over telecom system or networks.

licensing/authorization is granted through the TRA, under decision no.(80/2013)(Issuance of Regulation on the Provision of Automated System for Vehicles Management Service).

Application Procedure:

After providing all the required document mentioned above, TRA will internally process and evaluate the application with a maximum period of 30 days.
If the TRA rejects the application, the applicant has the right to complain to the TRA CE within 60 days and TRA has to process his complain request within 30 days.
If the applications found to comply with TRA's requirements, a provisional approval is issued to allow the applicant to establish the system . The applicant can also apply for type approval to the TRA. The provisional approval is valid for 90 days.
The applicant has advise TRA after establishing the system and server.
After that TRA will advise the applicant to pay RO 80/- for inspection purpose.
After the inspection and if the system is found to comply with TRA's requirement, TRA will issue advise for payment of RO 50/- for the Authorization, which is valid for 30 days .
After the applicant provides TRA with a proof of payment, the Authorization is issued.
Validity of Authorization:
Authorization is valid for 3 years, and is renewed automatically with the same issuance fees, unless the authorized files a cancelation application 30 days before expiry.


Required Documents:
As per article 3 of the Decision 80/2013, the applicant has to complete the following :
  1. Duly filled application form www.tra.gov.om
  2. Valid copy of:
    • ID card or passport.
    • Commercial Registration Certificate.
    • Certificate of Affiliation in Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
    • Authorized Signatories Signatures Specimen.
  3. Technical Description and illustrating Diagram of the proposed system.
  4. Plan/Description on the applicant preparation to fulfill the obligations.
  5. Copy of the Bank receipt of 30/- OMR (Application Fees.)

Main Conditions:

In case of violating any regulation, the TRA can take any of the following procedures:


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Regulations for Customer Call Center Service and Re-provision of World Wide Web (Internet) Access Service (and internet cafe)

Title Download
Decision 47/2016 - Regulating Customer Call Center Service
Decision 48/2016 - Re-provision of Internet Access and Internet Cafe

Establishing and/or operating a private telecommunications network for personal use, not connected to the public network.

If the network (or the link) uses FSOCS systems, then the applicant must also complete and return the Conditions for the use of FSOCS.

Title Download
Decision No. 18/2015 Regulation on Operating Private Network Not Connected to the Public Network for Personal Utilisation
Application Form
Conditions for the Use of Free Space Optical Communications System (FSOCS)

Passive Infrastructure

Title Download
Passive Infrastructure Regulation (No. 60/2014)
Application Form

List of Authorized Companies for Passive Infrastructure
  1. Oman Electricity Transmission Company S.A.O.C
  2. Oman Tower Company L.L.C
  3. Oman Airports Management Company S.A.O.C

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