and Conditions 

What are the conditions for those operating in the telecoms sector?

There are rules and regulations governing the telecommunications sector in Oman which companies operating in the sector must abide by.
The Telecoms Act provides the comprehensive set of regulations; below is a snapshot of the guidelines and rules for dealers registered with the TRA and operating within the telecommunications sector.
  • All companies and institutions that wish to import into telecommunications-related equipment must register annually as an importer to the TRA.
  • Registered Importers shall observe and abide by the Telecommunications Regulatory Act issued under Royal Decree 30/2002, and relevant TRA decisions (Decision 59/2015).
  • Importers who are registered to sell and distribute pre-paid charge cards of licensed services (fixed and mobile) in the Sultanate must only sell pre-paid charge cards of the service providers licensed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • Registered Importers shall not sell any type of telecommunications equipment that is not Type Approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • Registered Importers shall not sell Radio Telecommunications equipment before ensuring that the purchaser / equipment user holds the required radio license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • Registered Importers shall not re-program any Radio Telecommunications equipment without the permission of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • Registered Importers shall not establish, operate, or provide any telecommunications services without seeking permission for those services from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Type approval procedure

Registered importer shall only sell telecommunications equipment type approved by the TRA: all telecommunications sold and used within the Sultanate must carry the TRA Approval label.
All services related to Type Approval, Registration or renewal of the import application, request for quality approval, request for release permits for exporting devices, applying for Type Approval for telecoms equipment, applying for a Release Advice for imported equipment is now done online through the TRA e-Services portal URL:
To register on the e-Services portal please visit the site and sign up with the required details. Submission of attachments and payment of required fees is also possible through the e-Services portal.
Importing procedure for telecoms equipment to Oman

If a registered telecoms importer wishes to import telecoms equipment approved under that dealer's name, an authorization to import telecommunications equipment must be obtained before importing the telecommunications equipment into the Sultanate of Oman.
A release advice is required for imported telecommunications equipment, and can be obtained from TRA through the e-Services portal.
If importing radio equipment that requires a radio license for usage, importers must also adhere to the following procedures and corresponding conditions:
  • Direct delivery to the end user: In this case, the dealer must ensure that the radio equipment user has a valid radio license from the TRA or Provisional Approval for the frequencies, and must attach a copy of the approval with the release application.
  • Import for the purpose of selling to any licensed user in the future: In this case, the dealer must obtain permission to store the equipment from the TRA and must not sell any radio equipment to any user before obtaining the permission from TRA.

Fees and Penalties

You can find more information about fees and fines on the TRA website, or in the instructions issued by TRA, by clicking on the following link:
Note: For more information and details, please contact the Quality Assurance Department:  
In addition, on the following telephone numbers: 24222286 - 24222289 - 24222288 – 24222291-24222287

Required documents for type approval

In order to register a company operating within the telecoms sector, the following documents will be required along with the online registration application form:
  1. Copy of the official Commercial Registration documents from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  2. Copy of the Certificate of Affiliation from Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3. Copy of the ID of the owner of the company
In order to apply for type approval for telecommunications equipment, the following documents will be required along with the online type approval application:
  1. Full technical data and specifications documents
  2. Copy of Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity
  3. Test reports (RF, EMC, Safety) from a test lab recognised by the TRA (or approved by a member of the ILAC)
  4. Documents of user’s guide and sales brochure with colour photographs of the equipment