and Conditions 

There are a number of Laws, decisions, and regulations that govern dealing with the telecommunications devices and equipment that all companies operating in the telecommunications sector shall comply with, which are as follows:
The Telecoms Act provides the comprehensive set of regulations; below is a snapshot of the guidelines and rules for dealers registered with the TRA and operating within the telecommunications sector.
  • The provisions of The Telecommunications Regulatory Act of the Sultanate of Oman promulgated by Royal Decree (30/2002).
  • The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s regulations and decisions, such as The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s Decision No. 59 / 2015, and The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s Decision No. 8 / 2016, etc.

Services and required documents

All services are provided via the electronic quality accreditation (

  • Registering as an importer:
    • A copy of Affiliation certificate issued by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Type Approval:
    • A copy of the declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer.
    • The technical specifications documents for the device.
    • Device testing reports as per the device type (RF, EMC, Safety) from one of the accredited laboratories by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
  • Customs release:
    • Bill of lading (land, sea, air)
    • Purchase invoice
    • Devices packing list.
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  • You can contact Type approval department employees via below ways:
    • E-mail:
    • Direct Phone No.: 24222290