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Licensing Procedure

Each request for a frequency assignment for each location must be applied as a new application with a fee of OMR 50. Below are guidelines for the steps of the application process.

Initial application

Provisional approval

On completion of the initial application, TRA will issue its provisional approval of the type of the required equipment as well as the frequency and the service. No provisional approval will be issued before payment of the fees for frequency assignment registration and spectrum utilization has been made. The applicant must also be in possession of a type approval for the radio equipment before provisional approval is granted. Provisional approval is a temporary status; it is valid for three months only and is not recognized for equipment operation. The Authority may, based on a substantiated request, approve an extension of provisional approval for a further three months. During this period, the applicant is able to continue with equipment purchase or importation procedures. On the importation of equipment, a customs release letter can be obtained in coordination with the Type Approval and Authorization Department.

Final stage

On receipt of equipment, the serial numbers of the equipment items must be submitted to the TRA along with the necessary delivery notes or releases from customs in order to obtain a radio equipment license. After receiving the information required above, the radio equipment license will be issued to the user with effect from the date of purchase of the equipment from the TRA-registered radio equipment dealers, or from the date of entry of the equipment at the Omani border in the case the equipment is imported from outside Oman. Radio equipment licenses are issued solely by TRA and must be renewed annually. Licensees must adhere to the license conditions, the provisions of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act 2002 and its amendments and all the Executive Regulations and the Decisions and Guidelines issued by TRA.

Renewal, cancellation and Retention of licenses are also possible, and can be completed through the following processes

Radio equipment license renewal: the online portal for radio licensing services system will issue the advice for payment for renewal of the radio licenses before 45 days from the expiry date and the payment shall be done through the online portal by one of the 3 methods available. They should be paid within one month from the expiry date of the license. The penalties will be charged for any delay in the payment of the fees as 5% of the fees value for each month of delay up to twelve months. If no payment is made during this period, the license will be revoked and the radio equipment will be seized and the legal actions stipulated in the Act will be taken. The license validity period is one full calendar year (12 months) and may be extended for a maximum period of 5 years based on the licensee’s request provided that the spectrum utilization fee for the requested period is paid in advance. Any unauthorized use of the radio spectrum is a violation of the provisions of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act and will be liable to the punishment set out therein.
Radio equipment license cancellation: Licensees must apply online for cancellation of any radio license before its expiry date and settle the required fees of OMR 25 per radio equipment. The licensee must dispose of the cancelled radio equipment within six months from the cancellation date.

Radio equipment retention:

The licensee must apply online for retention of a radio equipment before the expiry date of its license and settle the retention fees of OMR 25 per radio license. TRA will then issue a license for the retained radio equipment. The maximum period for retaining the radio equipment is three years and the licensee must pay the retention fees every year. After three years, the licensee shall either reuse the equipment or cancel the license with the obligation to pay all fees incurred. In some circumstances, an amendment to a license can be obtained to allow for a change in circumstance for the license and / or licensee.

Frequency and Location Modification:

Class of Emission and Radiated Power Modification:

If the licensee requests an increase in the class of emission or radiated power, it will be considered as a new application requiring payment of all the consequent fees payable for registration and usage of new radio frequencies. An advice for payment for the applicable fees will be sent for payment purposes. The payment shall be done through the online portal by one of the 3 methods available. If the licensee requests a decrease in the class of emission or radiated power, an advance payment of OMR 15 per license to be modified is payable. The payment shall be done through the online portal by one of the 3 methods available. The amended radio license will be issued after confirmation of payment of the applicable advance modification fees.

Replacement of the radio equipment:

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