Organizing the Registration and Utilization of Frequencies 

The current pricing policy is contained in a regulation by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority laid down in‚ Decision No. 133/2008 issuing the regulation organizing the registration and utilization of frequencies and radio equipment and their pricing‚ and its amendments.
It contains a list of around 47 service types which are subject to spectrum pricing. Fees may be charged one time, annually, temporary or on experimental basis. Penalties may also be applied in certain cases.
The following nine categories of fee types may apply during the different licensing processes depending on the types of applications:
  • Advanced Fees
  • Application fees
  • Survey fees
  • Modification fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • License duplicate fees
  • Retention fees
  • Non-Advanced Fees
  • Utilization fees
  • Registration fees
  • Late payment penalty
The spectrum fee calculation for majority of the services is based on formulas which contain one or several parameters such as:
  • Basic fee
  • Weighting factor
  • Number of channels
  • Radiated power
  • Range factor, occupancy factor
  • Service factor
  • Number of locations, number of terminals
  • Coverage factor (governorate, all country)
  • Coverage zone factor (population density)
  • Technology factor